Fresh 48 Session

As the name might suggest, Fresh 48 sessions are all about capturing your baby within the first 48 hours after birth while they're still fresh. This special type of newborn session captures your baby and your new little family in one of its rawest forms.

The sessions are non-intrusive and are shot in a documentary style, meaning that there's no posing and very little staging, and is all about capturing the love that surrounds your baby and your new little family. This allows me to capture these special moments of your sweet little one and your family without disrupting the flow of the moment. After getting the perfect shots in a short bit of time, you'll be back to snuggles and sleepy cuddles with your little one.

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    Whenever I visit families for Fresh 48 sessions, I will always wear a mask and will only touch bub with your permission. If you'd prefer I don't (& that's totally ok), I will direct either you or your partner to where I need your newborn.

    Why is it important to book a Fresh 48 session?

    Scheduling photos may seem like a daunting task - especially in the midst of all the post-birth chaos! But trust me, it's worth it. Fresh 48 sessions are about cherishing those fleeting moments of your baby's first days and capturing as much of that tenderness and sweetness as possible to create beautiful memories you can look back on for years to come.

    Plus, it tells a completely different story than studio or at-home newborn sessions. Fresh 48 sessions capture your baby in their fresh, wrinkly, sleepy stage, some of your first moments as a new family of three (or 2, 4, 5, 6, etc.). This moment, like many other moments of pregnancy and childhood, goes by in the blink of an eye.

    Will my hospital allow Fresh 48 Sessions?

    Fresh 48 sessions can be done at home or in the hospital, depending on your delivery location. Most hospitals will allow Fresh 48 sessions, as hospital policy allows two visitors per patient (as of Sept 2022). However, always check with your hospital as to how many visitors they allow at once.

    How do I schedule a Fresh 48 session?

    Space is limited when it comes to Fresh 48 sessions, as I only take on six sessions each year. I will schedule your session according to your due date, along with a few weeks before and after this date, so I can ensure I'm available when that exciting phone call comes in to let me know your baby has arrived. Once I get the call, I'll be there the next day to capture this precious moment.
    It's always better to schedule sooner than later, so if you're expecting, book your Fresh 48 session with me today! I can't wait to capture these precious memories of your newborn's first days.

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