I am super passionate about vibrant, honest and heartfelt photography; capturing a perfect moment in time…a fleeting glance, a tumble of hair…the things you wouldn’t necessarily remember from your wedding, engagement party/session, baby shower or milestone party. Weddings are my passion, but in all honesty…all of life’s big occasions are important to me. I love people; watching them laugh and live their best life is beautiful, and it’s a huge honour to photograph them lost in those perfect little moment.

I absolutely love to intertwine the surroundings with the subjects, bringing in as much personality into my imagery as possible. My style is fresh, effervescent and vibrant, and I love to make colours pop! Here is some of my work…

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Amazing photos and very professional. Actually helped me with tips for getting ready on my wedding day! Lovely person and the photos had perfect lighting and looked very natural.

Palm Springs shoot at chicco palms