The Colourful, Quirky Wedding of Kat & Ben at Aldinga Secret Garden

These guys were a joy to capture on their big day, and you’re going to love how much personality they sprinkled on their celebrations.

When I first met Kat and Ben, I could see straight away just why these two lovebirds were tying the knot because they’ve both got such crazy personalities! Forget yin and yang, this pair is the same, and it totally works. During our first chat, they kept buzzing off each other, getting more and more excited about their big day as every second passed. And I could see why! Kat and Ben had booked the Aldinga Secret Garden in Adelaide as their wedding ceremony and reception venue. A quirky, eclectic, and beautiful space that really matched the style of the day the couple was dreaming of.

And luckily for me, they chose this plucky Adelaide wedding photographer to capture it!

The Real Wedding of Kat & Ben at the Aldinga Secret Garden wedding venue in Adelaide

Today, I’m so pleased to share the bright, blooming and delightful wedding photography from Kat and Ben’s wedding at Aldinga Secret Garden. Along with a little more info about the couple. How did they get to this point, what was their wedding day experience like, and maybe a few words of advice from the bride and groom themselves?

Love at First Stein

First attraction comes in many forms. It could be bravery, kindness, or maybe a unique sense of humour. But for Ben, he really liked the way Kat drank! Polishing off a stein of beer on their first date certainly impressed him. Champion drinking aside, our groom did also adore Kat’s very kind, and caring nature. Something he could feel almost instantly.

For Kat, she knew from date one that Ben was something special. Calling her close friend straight after their meeting, to say she’d just met a good guy. The pair became basically inseparable following that first date, soon realising they both couldn’t live without each other.

“I Said 100 Times Yes!”

For guys, choosing an engagement ring is rarely a piece of cake. And Ben was no different, enlisting close friend Laura's help to decipher what kind of ring Kat would like. Together, the pair found a style they knew would be a winner. But as soon as the ring was in Ben’s pocket, it began to burn a hole. He couldn’t wait to propose abroad or plan a trip away. He needed to pop the question right away!

Kat describes their engagement, “He had the ring no longer than 3 hours before he felt it burning a hole in his pocket and suggested a walk down at my favourite beach, Brighton. At sunset with our greyhound Dash, while we sat on the rocks, Ben got down on one knee and asked the question. He was so nervous! I gasped and said, what are you doing?! Ben said I’m tying my shoelaces… but really he wasn’t even wearing any! I, of course, said 100 times yes!

A Beautiful Dress, and a Handsome Suit

Some brides traipse from shop to shop, searching for their dream bridal gown. But fortunately for Kat, she only visited two in the lead-up to finding ‘the one’. Her beautiful wedding dress came from White Rose Bridal, and it was a vision in lace and layers of fine fabric. “Bev showed me this dress and I knew it was the one. I felt so beautiful on the day!“, shared Kat. The detail too was so pretty, and overall, it matched the vibe of their Adelaide wedding venue, the Aldinga Secret Garden, so well.

On the day, Kat wore ruby red slippers when walking down the aisle, before changing into some comfy Kate Spade Keds! While Ben looked very handsome in his custom-made suit jacket from InStichu, and that fun Peggy and Finn tie. Together, they looked so in sync, without being matchy-matchy. An adorable combination.

Seeking Comfort in Loved Ones

As a wedding photographer in Adelaide, you often see the anxiety weddings can create. There’s so much build-up to the big day, and pressure from those around you, it can be hard to deal with your emotions. But both Kat and Ben did exactly as they should, and leaned on each other, and their loved ones.

Ben was a rock for Kat throughout the day, holding her shaking hand, calming her nerves, and reminding her how beautiful she looked. But neither of them could’ve had such a successful day, were it not for their incredible crew! The wedding party was always on hand for both bride and groom, making sure they had everything they needed. Plus a few cheeky cocktails!

Rustic, Eclectic, and Colourful

Kat is renowned for her eclectic taste in decor, and fashion. Often throwing two wildly different themes together and somehow making it work – the girl has an eye! And when styling her Adelaide wedding venue, she was in her element. The Aldinga Secret Garden is already a bohemian wonderland of a place, and its sprawling wild gardens are ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The theme for the day was rustic, eclectic, and colourful. And to create their dreamy oasis of a wedding day, the pair spent two years collecting unique pieces of decor from op shops, garage sales and Facebook marketplace. They knew the garden at their venue would be the perfect backdrop, they just needed to fill the space with quirky details to make it feel like home.

A Day Full of Laughter

Capturing Kat and Ben’s Aldinga Secret Garden wedding was a dream. The two of them were so welcoming, and their loved ones made me feel like one of them. Together, we had such a blast, and I could see how delighted their friends and family were to see the happy couple get hitched.

During the day, I managed to snatch Kat and Ben away for a few portraits out by the sea, and walking through the fields nearby. Together, we created some special shots, and when put together with the colourful, candid photography of their celebrations, I know Kat and Ben have got just the photo album they were dreaming of. And I’m so pleased they chose me as their photographer for their Adelaide wedding.

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